Ladies and gentlemen of Washington DC, grab your boots, jump in a limo and get ready to get muddy! Cause you’re in for a redneck wedding!

What’s it take to have a redneck wedding? Well, that depends on how deep you venture in the country. And how noisy you want to get! A redneck wedding can be just as traditional as a “normal” wedding, it’s just not as conventional– to say the least; but with more flavor that stems from the wild country ways of life.

redneck wedding

So if you plan to have a redneck wedding at a venue in the woods, or have been invited to one; get ready for one heck of day!

Redneck Wedding Musts:

Cowboy and cowgirl boots
Western boot mugs
Beer and wine
Cowboy and cowgirl hats

Wedding Patterns/Themes:

Camo print
Browns and greens
White, brown and blue

Redneck Wedding Musts

The best part of a redneck wedding are the activities—of course. There is always something to do or someone to share a laugh with; if you find yourself getting bored, either visit the beer cooler, grab a fishing pole or hop in the river for a swim.
Watch as your grandma falls head over heels for grandpa in his cowboy hat and boots, reminding her of good ol’ John Wayne.

So much room for activities!

● A redneck wedding wouldn’t be complete without somewhere to fish, now would it? If you’re throwing a wedding inspired by the country way of life, find a venue with a pond, river or lake and tell everyone to bring their fishing poles!

● Try canoeing or go down the river in a kayak after saying I do!

● Rent a wedding venue with paddle boats for the kids, or even somewhere where people can go swimming if they want.

● If someone in your family is adequately trained with firearms, you could have them fire blank rounds as the bride and groom kiss!

● Most DC limousine rental companies are cool with you decorating their limo for the wedding to some extent. Dress your limo up with that country style!

● If you really want to announce just married the redneck way—use tannerite! But I wouldn’t put it too close to anything that you don’t want blown to pieces.

Just because you have been invited to a wedding in the country, in the middle of nowhere, two hours away from the nearest grocery store, down a dirt road, somewhere you don’t even get cell service, doesn’t mean that some crazy half-naked people are going to come running out of the woods and try to kill to you.

Unless, of course they do… But there are plenty of rural places with immaculate wedding venues and chapels in stunning mountainous areas.