Specials and Promotions

We provide great specials and promotions for your transportation needs.

Limos Deals
Vehicle TypeMin HourMon – Thu
3+1 HRS
Fri 3 HRSFri 4 HRSSat 4HRS
6 Pax Limo3$275.00$250.00$300.00$340.00
8 Pax Limo3$295.00$275.00$340.00$375.00
10 Pax Limo3$325.00$295.00$360.00$425.00
12 Pax Limo3$345.00$315.00$380.00$475.00
14 Pax Limo3$375.00$340.00$399.00$495.00
14 Pax Hummer Limo3$425.00$425.00$525.00$595.00
18 Pax Hummer Limo3$450.00$450.00$550.00$616.00
20 Pax Hummer Limo3$475.00$475.00$595.00$640.00
13 Pax Van$235.00$300.00$300.00
Sprinter Van$250.00$320.00$360.00
Bus Deals
Vehicle TypeMin HourMon – ThuFriSat
20 Pax Mini Bus4$380.00$380.00$380.00
24 Pax Mini Bus4$396.00$396.00$396.00
30 Pax Mini Bus4$425.00$425.00$425.00
36 Pax Mini Bus4$460.00$460.00$460.00
55 Pax Motor Coach5$725.00$725.00$725.00
Town Car Deals
Mercedes S 5504$349.00$349.00$349.00
Party Bus Deals
4+1 HRS
Fri 4 HRSFri 5 HRSSat 5 HRS
14 Pax$500.00$500.00$595.00$688.00
22 Pax Party Bus$649.00$649.00$795.00$889.00
25 Pax Party Bus$679.00$679.00$849.00$950.00
30 Pax Party Bus$796.00$796.00$995.00$1,095.00
40 Pax Party Bus$875.00$875.00$1,095.00$1,295.00

Terms & Conditions

Final payments for reservations must be made 72 Hours before the ride date. Prices are not available for prom season. 25% non-refundable deposit due at the time of the reservation. INCLUDES GRATUITY & GAS

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices are not available for prom season
  • Price includes gratuity and gas surcharge
  • 25 % non refundable deposit due at the time of the reservation
  • Total must be paid 72 hours before the trip