Washington DC’s answer to “where are the best places to get married?”

Have you ever wanted to get married in a different country? Maybe you have scotish in your blood or your fiance’s family is from india. Who knows maybe you’re just interested in a particular culture and would love to mix their wedding traditions into yours?

I am bride to be and have often wondered myself what it would be like to get married in another country or somewhere on the other side of the US. There are so many beautiful places around the world. Why should I limit myself to the Washington DC area? Then I realized…I don’t. And neither do you. So I’ve been doing my research DC. And here’s what i’ve come up with for the best wedding locations.

Place I’d love to get married #1. And the winner is: Scotland.

Because who wouldn’t want to get married in a castle?

And the winner is Scotland

Where else would brides get away with wearing a celtic wedding dresses?

Equality in Scotland!

Celtic Wedding Dresses

wedding dresses
On the 4th of February this year, the Scottish Parliament passed a same-sex marriage bill. To marry for love without opposition.

Scotland has plenty of great things to see before and after the wedding and is a hikers dream.

wedding in scotland

Ben Nevis towers at 4,409 ft above sea level and is the largest mountain in the British Isles, attracting tourists from all over the world.

#2 is the White Sand Beaches off of the Indian Ocean.

 White Sand Beaches Wedding

Imagine hearing the words, “Welcome to Mauritius,” as you gaze over the clear waters and dig your toes into white sand. Small breezes blow around your hair and kiss your cheek and you feel absolutely revitalized and so in love. It’s truly for the romantic soul. So if you’re one of those women who utterly love sappy romance flix and novels, I think Mauritius is like that to me.

Have the chance to wear a beautiful summer wedding dress. And sip on a cocktail before you walk the beach with your partner.

beautiful summer wedding dress

Have a passionate wedding night in an enchanting atmosphere with that tropical charm.

wedding night

#3 is Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado

Perfect for the outdoors type of couple. You can relax the whole time or go be adventurous, its the best of both worlds. Dunton features hot springs that stay from 85-102 degree at all times. The hot springs are said to have healing capabilities that improve circulation, skin and uplifts the spirit!

Surrounded by gorgeous mountains waiting to be hiked. There are rock climbing opportunities, with an instructor as well and horseback trails.

wedding under tree

In the winter you can invite your adventurous side to go heli-skiing and drop out of a helicopter and tackle the mountain side! Voted as one of the best wedding venues and has won several awards: featured on “It List” by Travel & Leisure Magazine for best new hotels- 2014, received #12 on Readers Choice Awards on their Top 40 Resorts in the West.
No matter where you get married, make it your own. Make it something you two will remember for the rest of your lives. If you’re an adventurous and daring couple.

Remember DC, you are limited to nothing! Do what’s in your heart, you’ll love yourselves for it later.