Lose weight for wedding dresses, photos and yourself!

There are tons of ways to lose weight, whether you visit one of the gyms in DC area, or if you check out one of great places to walk in DC. Museums and attractions can be your salvation to walk off those extra pounds before the wedding comes around!

We all have that friend that makes a big deal every time we go out to the beach or the pool because she hasn’t ‘lost weight for the summer yet’. Whether that friend is as real as me or you or if that “friend” is the inner critic inside our heads. Well, instead of dreaming, lets do something about it! With a little willpower and restraint, it’s easier than you think and can actually be quite fun.

Being is great shape is more than just exercise. A healthy body needs a balanced diet, enough fluids and the right vitamins.

Okay, so what happens when it comes time for our dear friend to get married? Want to be the size to fit in that perfect dress right? Well, lets face it, not all women are created equal and that’s totally okay! The famous Marilyn Monroe 1950’s sex idol normally wore a 12 and still modeled when she was in a 16. I’ve seen absolutely gorgeous women rock all different kinds of sizes. But still, there’s nothing wrong with a good workout and getting healthy no matter what your size is.

I want to share with you some great pre-wedding workout and diet tips on how to drop a few pounds before the wedding. For a thinner and healthier new you!

• Walk it off! Sounds too good to be true right? Nope, walking is a excellent underrated exercise technique. I watched my mother lose 35 pounds just from walking. Everyone can do it and it works!

Taking a walk is also a good chance to catch up with some friends, meditate or to get yourself and the dog out of the house for a little bit. Walking can also increase your sex drive, help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Get to walking at the Natural History Museum, National Air and Space Museum or other great places to walk and learn in the DC area.

If you’re too far consider taking a reliable limo service DC has to offer to and from the attraction areas. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated with the light refreshments and water!

• Skip the fast food and pack a lunch. Everywhere I go: work, school or even if i’m just going out to pick up some groceries -I pack a lunch.

So when the craving hits to stop at Wendys, practice some restraint and remind yourself you have already packed a lunch and you wouldn’t want to waste your time, money and health. Pack fresh fruits in your lunch for your sweet tooth and as a little extra energy boost.

• Get more shut eye! A good nights sleep reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Chances are if you’re waking up tired when the alarm goes off, you need an earlier bedtime.

If you have trouble sleeping, try to get on a better routine or consider trying all-natural supplements like melatonin.

• Slim down with peppermint and fennel; natural herbs that help with bloating. You can include peppermint in tea and fennel in salads, like this delicious recipe.
• Dont be lazy and ride around the parking lot looking for the closest spot to the store. I know, we’re all guilty of this one at least once or twice. Park farther away to get in that little extra exercise, it’s not going to hurt!

• Try this one on for size. A woman at about 160 lbs can burn 85-95 calories in a 10 minute session of jumping jacks.

• Tell your stomach to eat less! Drink about a half a glass 4oz. of water before meals.

• Eat food full of fiber to make you feel fuller longer. Lentils, prunes, pears, almonds, navy beans and artichokes are all great sources of fiber.

• Fight craving with sips! If you get a sweet tooth, take a sip of orange or apple juice for a bit of the sugar. Beats eating a whole piece of cake!

• Fight with bites. If you MUST have something, like a candy bar, then take ONLY one bite, usually that will be enough to calm and or satisfy your craving.

Lastly, have a little faith in yourself. You CAN do it! Many people have done it before and so can you! Remind yourself of why you’re trying to get in better shape. Dream about it and imagine a positive outcome!