Best Wedding Foods to Eat the Day Before Your Wedding & Why

If you are waiting for JAX airport transportation, check out these great healthy wedding foods ideas.

Best Wedding Foods

Wedding Diet: Eating to Look Great

Eating to Look Great with deating

It’s all about those fruits and veggies. Your mother knew what she was going when she always made you eat your vegetables as a kid. The list really is endless when it comes to why fruits and veggies are essential for good health; affecting energy metabolism, brain cognition, skin, eye function, immune system and so on.

Foods Will Make you Feel Great

Eat like a bird.

Wedding Foods - Eat like a bird - bride

Nuts and seeds are a fantastic way to feel fuller longer while also providing essential fatty acids for optimal brain function and radiant skin. Seeds like pistachio, walnuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin, and sunflower are also packed with beneficial vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. These minerals not only support immune health, but can also provide a boost of energy.


Airport Transportation

Airport transfers and airport transportation meals can lead you to be tempted to eat something less than healthy. While eating whatever you want can be very comforting at the moment, it may lead your body to some pretty unhappy places.

Keep a multi-nutritional bar with you. Notice, we didn’t mention ‘energy bar,’ you don’t need 20 grams of protein if you are eating a small snack. In fact eating large amounts of protein could leave you feeling a little sluggish.

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Avoiding temptation on the road.

Ask your car services near me driver where the best healthy restaurants and or health food stores are located. Get free quotes today!