All this talk about weddings, no one ever thinks of how to cancel a wedding.

Why? Would anyone want to cancel a wedding? Besides the obvious answer where a couple unfortunately decides that they either are not ready yet or just don’t think it’s love; there can be family emergencies and the like where a wedding may not be possible.

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If something urgent turns up and you decide as a couple that the marriage must wait here are the things that you need to address:

Get a hold of the people who have to travel as soon as possible. If someone is supposed to fly into Boston for your wedding try to reach them before them at the very least get on their flight. If you catch them earlier enough they might be able to refund their tickets. Worst case scenario they are on their way, literally on the flight. It should be appropriate in this scenario to pay for a portion of their flight, or hotel bills; providing them with good but cheap car service from the airport to their hotel doesn’t hurt either.

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If it is early enough ahead of time, sending mail may be an elegant option, but if it is within two weeks, it is best to call. People often have to make arrangements for vacation days and grab transportation ahead of time for Boston car service, letting your family know earlier can help reduce the number of issues down the line.

Cancel the venue as soon as possible. If you speak in a kind manner and possibly try to reschedule, they may not ding you as bad when it comes to fees.

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