Are you trying to figure out how to celebrate your wedding in all its glory?

Maybe the average bachelor, bachelorette, and after parties are not your idea of how you and yours would like to celebrate your wedding day.

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Just because that these parties are the norm for the average wedding that takes place in America, doesn’t mean that you have any obligation to abide by it. In fact, more and more people are turning away from the binge drinking and finding other ways to bond with family and friends in tribute to their big day.


Grab a Cleveland Bus Rental and invite your family out for a day of fun for this children-friendly learning environment. Visit Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Who knows, maybe you can even tap into your childhood spirit with an adventure to the Zoo.

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If you love the rock classics then rent a Charter Bus Cleveland visitors will love and take a ride down to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Hop in the best Cleveland Limo Service and get comfortable. If you and yours has an eye for art, then have your Cleveland Limousine Rental stop by The Museum of Contemporary Art. If you still crave artistic talent you can also visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, featuring multiple exhibits, including films, music, and even a restaurant.

Cleveland Limousine Rental

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor oasis, you can discover natural beauty at Cleveland Botanical Garden, they have an indoor green house as well!


Ladies, this one’s for you! Visit the International Women’s Air and Space Museum. Dedicated to the history behind women in aviation.

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