If you leave something in your limo, the chauffeur has your back. Don’t panic.

Once upon a time (okay, it was April), a friend and fellow DC limo chauffeur—we’ll call him “Bradford”—drove for a wedding party. After the big day, Bradford cleaned out the limo and checked for forgotten items. He didn’t find anything.
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Until a few days later.

A delicate necklace had fallen between the seats in the limo. Bradford had chauffeured several clients in the past few days, and there was no telling who the necklace belonged to. How long had it even been there? Bradford is not a psychic.

But Bradford is dedicated. He called every client he had driven around DC in that limo, starting with the guy he’d just dropped off at the airport.

The necklace turned out to be the brides. It was a gift from her grandmother. In the hustle-bustle of her Big Day, she hadn’t even realized it was gone. Bradford mailed her the necklace and saved her from a potentially lifelong case of granny guilt.
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We, DC limo service chauffeurs are all about service.

Okay, I should amend that statement. Not all limo chauffeurs are as dedicated to service as Bradford and me.

The code is more like guidelines

If he’s following best practices, a limo chauffeur will sweep through the car after every client. So if you’ve left Your Precious behind, he’ll hopefully come across it and contact you.

But some limo chauffeur companies—and I’m not naming names—consider the code of best practices to be more like guidelines, and ignore them altogether. If they don’t HAVE to contact you about your forgotten wallet, they probably might just not remember to do it.

I do not like those companies. They make us all look bad (and that’s not easy, because I look pretty dang slick in a limo.)

If you forget something

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Friend, I hope you don’t leave something in your limo at any point during your delectable DC adventure. But if you do, just give us a call. There’s a good chance your limo chauffeur has found what you’ve lost.

Then you have a few options:

  • You can come to pick up Your Precious (if you’re in the Washington, DC area).
  • We can drive it out to you (again with the Washington, DC area thing).
  • We can mail it to you.

We’ve returned all kinds of things, such as wallets, jewelry, and file folders stamped “TOP SECRET” that I think could’ve caused an international incident if they fell into the wrong hands. (This is DC, after all, and maybe someday I’ll tell you the James Bond-esque story of how I evaded our national enemies and returned the Top Secret documents to government officials, but today is not that day.)

One more for the road

I’ll leave you with a story of a client who I picked up from Dulles Airport with a nationwide chauffeur’s limo. After we were well on our way, she realized she’d left her prescription glasses on the plane. The girl went into full panic mode. She was in tears at the thought of the DC airport’s cumbersome lost and found service, and whether the glasses would even turn up at all.

I passed back tissue and turned the limo around, dialing up a contact of mine who worked for the airline. My contact talked to somebody, who talked to somebody else, who found the glasses. No need for lost and found. She got her glasses back immediately.