When I was searching for a “car service near me” for my wedding, I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew that our budget was limited. We had already spent a fortune on the reception, catering, the wedding cake, outfits, and more.

Town Car Service

We had to be careful.

So, I started looking for a corporate car service. I didn’t know about whether or not a stretch limo would be a viable option with our budget. But I also understood there were other choices available.

I contacted these companies that were pretty close to me. I found one particular executive limo service that was right down the road. They seemed to have a low price point and since they were right down the street. It seemed to be the perfect choice.

Executive Limo Service

Then, it never showed up.

I never looked at the details. I never asked about how long this company had been around. I didn’t realize they were only a few months old. And only had one old limo in its fleet.

It turned out they probably overbooked. Either that or the owner, who happened to be the only driver, was worn out and exhausted. And simply didn’t bother to show up. I called and called when my new bride. And I were standing out there with our friends and family waiting, but got no answer.

Car Service Near Me

I realized proximity means nothing.

That’s probably the most important lesson people can take away from this. How close the company is to you doesn’t matter. What matters is experience. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281