Have you recently picked up a starter kit of essential oils?

Perhaps you’ve had them for a while and have been using them for at-home remedies. Did you know that you can use them for your big day as well?

What Essential Oils to Use for High Spirits on Your Wedding Day

There are plenty of ways to utilize essential oils on your wedding day, from feeling relaxed during Charlotte Bus Tours to promoting a social atmosphere.


Wedding planning can be exhausting, if you have found yourself in need of quick nap, catch one with Charlotte Limo Service and the help of lavender. Promoting internal feelings of calm.

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Is your mood bouncing around a little? Maybe you are having mood swings because you didn’t eat right because there is so much to do, or perhaps you are just stressed. Reach for some vetiver. This smoky-smelling grass is a fantastic way to calm nerves, reduce tension, and balance out behavioral issues fast.


Do you want your guests to feel happy and content, as if they just took a ride on a Charlotte Limousine? Then Ylang Ylang is your go-to scent. This highly fragrance flower has a way of uplifting one’s mood. So, it’s a fantastic choice when it comes to an oil diffuser at the wedding.

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A Charlotte Charter Bus is a great way for your family to socialize. You can keep the good feelings going with orange, eucalyptus, and cardamom.

This will have guests feeling comfortable and socializing in no-time, like they are on a Bus Rental Charlotte loves for family travel. Call/Text Now – 800-942-6281