Booking DFW Car Service for your bachelor party? Learn where Spartan customs come into play!

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons to book DFW Airport Car Service and have an amazing bachelor party, but that doesn’t mean that the celebrations stop then. Destination bachelor parties are becoming more and more popular at locations like Key West, Las Vegas, and NYC as grabbing a Dallas Limo Service and hitting the road is becoming easier. However, even though bachelor parties might seem like a pretty modern celebration. Your average bachelor party may go back much further than you think.

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If you are trying to create the perfect bachelor party plan, why not take some advice from ancient Spartans? It turns out that bachelor parties go as far back as the 5th century!

The trail back to a time when men were clad with handmade cotton. And animal skin attire with a shield and sword hanging at their side. The Spartans were reportedly the first civilization to celebrate a bachelor’s journey into marriage, and his contribution to his army. And honoring his one last night of singledom. Yet, even more, this party was also about dedication—even though this man was soon to be wed. He was also to commit to still being there for his friends, participating in battle, and continuing to be their brother in arms.

While today’s bachelor parties are typically had at popular local clubs and destination cities. Most of the Spartan bachelor parties didn’t take place far from home. The area in which they all gathered for dining was likely used for such bachelor parties, as for any celebration in their society.

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They may have not been able to grab DFW Car Service and stop by local bars, but there was a huge feast and lots of mead at their bachelor parties.

Typically, they would start a roast over a fire the day of or the night before. And prepare various dishes for the evening to come. Later, friends and family would toast the soon-to-be-married man and drink in his honor. Take advice from Spartan’s eating habits. Although they would have likely hunted for this special occasion, their main source of food came from wheat. So they had bread practically with every single meal. If you take after a Spartan’s diet, you will be in better shape at the end of the night as bread can help soak up excess alcohol. Sticking with whole wheat as opposed to white bread will keep your sugars from spiking as high.

Bachelor parties have changed quite a bit from the 5th-century Sparta version. Now it’s as easy as touching a button to reserve DFW Airport Transportation and have a great night out on the town. Whether you decide to party like a Spartan or keep it modern. Don’t forget to book a limo and make a toast in honor of your friend!

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