Always been interested in dream interpretations and know how they affect us and alter any happenings in our future.

Similarly, the dream wedding gown we have always visualized ourselves in not only speaks volumes about your fashion sense but goes beyond that.

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1.     The Famous, Ball Gown

There are of course different levels of intensity of the frill and fluff to your gown; however, the ball gown talks about royalty and the desire for being the center of attention.  You are a romantic and in search for the love story you’ve always envisioned yourself to be a part of and would give anything to see the priceless look on your groom’s face looking at you in that attire.

2.     The Vintage Glow

Going vintage adds not only glamour in a unique fashion but also style to your wedding gown, which makes it stand a cut above the rest. It speaks about commitment, sentiments, values and all that matters in the world and in the sanctity of marriage.

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3.     The A-Line Gown

The A-Line gown is one of the most commonly used one and is said to look great on majority of brides. The straps or strapless option is entirely up to the bride depending on her style and her size. You are traditional but have a streak of modernism only to know what your boundaries are and where you can’t transgress.

4.     The Mermaid Gown

The mermaid gown is an amalgamation of boldness and beauty. You know what glamour is, you know what fits you best and what your choice would communicate to the world. And you fear no one when you have to wear your emotions on your sleeves – and as your wedding dress. Your confidence is alluring.

5.     A Short Dress

You set aside tradition, favoring practicality over it, perhaps so you could wear your wedding outfit over and over again. You want your wedding to be a party and a fun affair where you could equally enjoy as all the guests would. Also, you are confident about your choices and like to go simple and sophisticated whenever needed, switching to party mode as well.

Wedding Limo Rental Service
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