Are you trying to find the perfect time of year for your wedding?

You may want to consider that other couples all around the world are considering the same exact thing. Peak wedding seasons often present a problem for the newly engaged, from overbooked venues, to high prices, or securing a Chicago Limo Bus.

Wedding Timing: Most Popular Wedding Months

In the United States alone, there are about 6,000 wedding every day! The average wedding guest list has roughly 170 friends and family expected to attend. We’re going to share some information as valuable as Chicago Airport Car Service, that might help you choose the best time to have your wedding.

Seasonal Timing.

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The most popular month to get married in America is June, the second month most married in is August. Grab Chicago Car Service in January, because it’s the least likely month for tying the knot in the U.S.

Starting with the month resulting in with the most couples tying the knot, here’s how it breaks down:

Wedding Timing Competition: What Month is Best for You

June 10.8%

August 10.2%

May 9.8%

July 9.7%

September 9.6%

October 9.4%

December 7.8%

November 7.4%

April 7.4%

February 7.0%

March 6.1%

January 4.7%


When Do Couples Get Married: U.S. Statistics

Day of the week timing.

Most weddings in the U.S. take place on a Saturday. As many as roughly 70% will choose this day. Here’s what the rest of the week looks like:








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Tuesday has the least number of weddings, so you’ll probably get cheaper rates for a Chicago Party Bus, to caterers, and more!


When do you plan on tying the knot and why? Tell us in the comments!