Wedding planning could be a difficult task for many, and needless to say, it brings a lot of stress to the table when the two of you are already under a lot of pressure to organize the perfect wedding.

Here are some of the mistakes wedding planners fall prey to, which need to be avoided to have a hassle-free time of your life:

 avoided to have a hassle-free time of your life

  1. You have booked your wedding venue without even creating the wedding list. Remember, there are a lot of additions and subtractions from the number of guests you had initially thought and those who actually turn up on your day.

    Do not hasten to make the decision of venue right after slipping the ring.

  2. The absence of contingency plans. You thought your florist would bring in as much lilies as you had ordered for the arrangements, but oops! Things aren’t ideal and everything won’t be exactly how you want it to be. So to spare yourself the last minute stress and have backup plans at least for the most important arrangements.
  3. Going for extended parties. There is a time limit that results in happy guests returning to their homes; stretch it beyond that and you might face some not-so-pleasant consequences.

    If you wish to celebrate it long after the time span of say 6 hours, do so at your hotel/ home.

  4. Not booking your carriage. It’s your wedding, you won’t be taking a cab to your venue in case you had forgotten to book a limousine already. Limo Service Los Angeles provides one of the finest limousine services in Los Angeles, so in case you are still in the planning phase, waste no time to book your royal carriage!
  5. Missing out on the last minute budget. It is one of the deadliest mistakes couples make when they are setting aside their wedding budget.

    Do not forget about of the sudden expenses which might erupt from just anytime right before you’re leaving for your big day.

  6. Micromanaging everything. If you have hired photography services or a decorator, let them do their job. While it is important to keep your eyes open to what’s going around, micromanaging would stress you out, not to mention that they won’t be able to do their job properly with you breathing down on their necks all the time.
  7. Not giving time to yourself for getting ready. While it is important to keep a check on everything, make getting ready fun and exciting by setting aside enough time for your own preparations. It is your big day after all and you need to look flawless.

    So don’t forget to book Limo Rental Fresno for having a stress free ride.