How to be Positive, Have Fun and Get Fit—For the Wedding

Free, Fun and Fit–For the Dream Wedding and Dream You

You CAN do it and you DO have time! Just because you don’t have an hour or two to work out doesn’t mean you can’t shed pounds off using your 15 minutes it take to get to work wisely!

When things get busy, it’s easy to blow off your siblings when she invites you to the gym. You have priorities, the wedding is coming up soon and you already feel like you’re in over your head and strapped for time and cash too.

Skip the cab and call up a Limo Rentals. Think about it, you’ll have room to exercise, stretch and relax on your way to work or on the way home. As opposed to being crammed in a taxi, next to a stranger and every time you do your isometrics they look at you, as if you ate some bad Chinese food.

For free, fun and fit—run or walk to your workplace.

fun and fit
Better yet, call up your friend you blew off last week and invite her for the run. This could be a recurring occasion that happens once or twice a week, that gives you two a chance to catch up with each other and stay in touch (and shape!) Organize your time to figure out how to accomplish more than one task at once, but don’t pile on too many–making it stressful.

● Consider taking it up a notch and wear ankle or wrist weights while walking. They are relatively inexpensive and can really help tone your muscles.

Get active on date night!

date night!

Always set time aside as a couple; your relationship should be priority! Especially if you’re getting married soon! Set at least one date night a week—special time just for you two. Go for a run, rain or shine. Exercise in the gym or go hiking; think of something you both like to do and go out and do it!

Doing these activities together give both of you time to communicate with each other, staying in touch emotionally. Don’t forget exercising together can serve as a bonding experience, as you both provide support for the other, challenging them to keep up the good work.

● You always feel better after you exercise or become active.

Staying Positive Works Wonders!

Staying Positive
You don’t like exercising in front of people, you feel like you’re more out of shape than the rest of the people at the gym or you don’t know how to use the equipment properly.

Don’t think, “Ohhh this is going to suck…This workout is going to kick my butt.” Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and say, “I am going to kick some butt!” (Or lose a little, if that’s what you’re going for!)