The traditional marriage proposal is pretty straight forward.

At some point, you’ll find yourself down on one knee with an engagement ring asking for the hand of who’s important to you.

7 Steps to a Personalized Proposal

While this has been a tried and true way to ask that special someone to marry you, there are endless ways you could personalize the big question, and make it unique as our Seattle Party bus. That’s why we’re here to share them.

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Find ways to incorporate what they love.


On the water:


Is your partner an avid swimmer? Could you arrange for them to find it while swimming? When they get back from a lap could you be there on one knee?

7 Steps to a Personalized Proposal

Do they love to fish? Can they get the best catch of their life as they ring in a balloon tied to a string in the middle of a lake?


Could you take a canoe or kayak to your favorite spot and have the ring waiting?


In the outdoors:


Grab Seattle Airport Car Service from the airport to the woods.

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Does your partner love to hike? When better than to ask them then being at the top of a mountain?

Create a treasure map and watch that special someone follow the clues through the forest to your big question.


In the city:


Are you and your significant other’s friends a big part of your life? Ask them to join you on a Seattle Bus Rental and find the perfect moment to ask.


Rent a Seattle Limousine and pick them up after work, pop the big question when you arrive at your designated destination. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281