Trying to find ways to make your wedding more fun? Entertain the kids, make sure grandpa doesn’t fall asleep and do something unique for yourselves—we’ve got your back!

Relive your Most Fun Kid Moments at Your Wedding

Check out these fun ideas.

Ever want to relive your childhood? We’ll now you can thanks to companies to will actually rent out bouncy houses for all types of special occasion.

People loved it so much some companies actually have pretty pink castle shaped bounce houses, ones with slides and even bouncys with pools! Okay pools might be a bit much, but it’s a sure way to add a little fun to your big day.

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Everyone loves bowling. If you have a little room to set up lanes, you can get easy mobile bowling pins and lanes. If you want a solid answer to, “how are we supposed to entertain the kids?” Well you’ve got it.

Two words: ball pit. Think about what beautiful pictures you can create with the traditional black tux and white wedding dress surrounded by every playful color of the rainbow.

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Rent a portable photo booth. These are a fantastic way to provide literally everyone with something they can be a part of. It lets people act a little silly and have fun.

Throw an after party on a bus! If you just googled “party bus prices near me,” looking for the best party bus deals, then check us out, after you see our party bus rentals prices you will know you can stop looking for Party Bus Rentals Near Me and start planning the party!