A wedding photographer has the ability to make a huge impact on your wedding memories.

That is why it is vital to make sure, you select a wedding photographer that shares your vision of your big day. If you have already rented a Party Bus Pittsburgh can rely on.

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Booked an amazing caterer, and found your dream dress; it’s time to start thinking about an amazing photographer. Here are some of the best questions you can ask to narrow down your perfect photographer!

Will you be available on our wedding day?

Will you have any assistants with you on our wedding day?

Will you be willing to travel to our separate locations for the ceremony and the reception? It may be good idea to offer transportation by letting your photographer ride on the Charter Bus Rental Pittsburgh recommended for your wedding guests.

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How many weddings have you been a photographer for?

How long have you been photo shooting for weddings?

Can I view a previous wedding photography shoot?

How will I receive my photos?

Can I count on you to take photos of all our special moments, like getting ready or hopping out of the Pittsburgh Charter Buses?

What is your primary style? Can you show some examples?

Have you done weddings that are similar to mine, or even at the same venue?

How many other weddings are you planning to do photography for the same weekend of our wedding?

You have your Charter Bus Pittsburgh, a beautiful wedding cake, a fun band for entertainment; ask all of these questions.


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