Trying to decide the best way to reach NYC? By train, plane, or automobile? The answer, as always depends.

Philadelphia Bus Rental

It depends on your preferences, your style, your budget, and how fast you need to get there. Whether you are traveling from Philadelphia to NYC for work or pleasure— when you ride with Philadelphia Limo Service you’ll always arrive on time.

Options. Options. Options.

Amtrak, or the National railway has two ways to reach NYC from Philadelphia, both are by train and both roughly an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half long. One option, the Acela train, although more expensive can get you there 10 minutes faster, but at a price.

Pros: Tickets can be as low as $45 one way.

Sometimes you can find deal prices when planning ahead.

Cons: Ticket can get up to $125 one way, particularly for the Acela.

If you arrive late you will likely end up with the seat that nobody wants, (which could be for a variety of reasons.)

You must have your ticket in advance.

Secondly you have SEPTA and New Jersey Transit, both public rail systems. This option is less expensive than Amtrac, but takes twice as long.

Pros: It’s only roughly $30 for a ticket both ways.

Cons: It’s public transportation, hence you have to share it with some interesting characters.

You have to go out of your way to NJ, than to NY.

It’s not a Party Bus Rental NYC loves!

Bachelorette Party Bus Washington

The fun option for transportation is a NYC Party Bus.


Pros: Full bar, dance floor, and 45 people can come with you.


Cons: This luxury vehicle is a slightly more expensive option for traveling.


When traveling with family a Philadelphia Bus Rental is a comfortable option.


Pros: Very comfortable, and onboard entertainment options


Cons: Is mainly useful for larger groups.

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