So you’re having your bachelor party in Washington, DC. Excellent choice.

DC is the perfect place for bachelor party shenanigans. I always recommend hiring a DC party bus to take you around because that’s the most fun ever, but beyond that, there’s no end to what you can do.

But I can see you’re a good planner. That’s why you’re here. So let me recommend a few things I find myself recommending to bachelor party clients again and again.

Here are my top 5 bachelor party ideas in Washington, DC.

Hang out on Capitol Hill

Take a DC party bus to Capitol Hill. Start the party on the bus, and eat at any one of the truly great restaurants in the area. I used to send people to the Pour House—which was actually rich with games, a sports bar, and a lounge combined in a three-floor restaurant. The Pour House is boarded up now, but the people who ran it now run Barrel—a great restaurant-bar to kick off your bachelor party. It looks like a wine bar, but it’s got some casual touches (flatscreens, ahem) that’ll make you feel welcome to stay awhile.

After drinks, get back in your Party Bus DC Rental and hop all over the bars and restaurants on Capitol Hill. If you’re there late (or early, as the case may be), stop at Tune Inn for greasy snacks.

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Charter a private cruise on the Potomac

Take a DC party bus rental to a party boat and cruise all night! This can be more creative than it sounds. It doesn’t have to just be you and your friends drinking beer and looking at the sights, trying to feel cool about the fact that you’re on a boat. Check out the Potomac Riverboat Company, which can do theme parties. (No, it’s not lame if it’s a Monte Carlo gambling theme.) And you can have it catered by a local DC restaurant. Pizza, seafood, a crab feast—if your taste buds can imagine it, the PRC can probably do it. They even have a boat that can take you to the ball game.


Ozio is in downtown Washington, DC. It’ll make you feel all modern, chic, and stylish as you sip martinis and smoke cigars. Yeah, I said cigars. Ozio is a cigar bar and hookah lounge, as well as a restaurant. Oh, and a nightclub. There are four levels (including a rooftop bar), tables for sit-down dining, couches and lounge chairs arranged in intimate little areas, and lots of room to dance. Come dressed like you mean it.

Bar hopping on H Street

Not up for Capitol Hill? Party bus it to H Street and hop from hipster bar (Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar) to craft cocktail joint (Church & State) and then to The Atlas Room for dinner, then the Rock n Roll Hotel for music, dancing, and more drinks. H Street was burned down and boarded up after Rev. Martin Luther King was assassinated, but it’s back now. And only people who think they are cool go there. (That’s you, right?)

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You’ll find some unique places here—like Sticky Rice, a sushi joint/karaoke bar/music video venue/dance club (depending on which night of the week you go). They also serve tater tots. And everyone knows no bachelor party is really complete without tator tots. (What? You didn’t know that?)

Go to Martin’s Tavern

You’re having a bachelor party in Washington, DC. Why would you not want to go somewhere that makes you feel like a history buff? So many presidents have eaten at Martin’s Tavern that I can’t list them all here and stay within my word count. (John F. Kennedy is one, though.) Martin’s is located in Georgetown, next to approximately a million other things to do before and after dinner. And if that’s not enough, I’ve got two words for you: Guinness mussels.

Okay, two more: prime rib.

So there are my top ideas for what to do for your DC bachelor party. If all those plans sound lame to you, you and your friends can just stay on the party bus all night.


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