I’m a firm believer that everything in life is about relationships—from driving for a Washington DC sedan service to connecting with clients over swanky meals.

But everybody woos clients over dinner. When everybody’s doing it, how do you stand out? You’ve got to get creative.

Don’t worry. I’ve got five great ways you can forge relationships and memories with your clients that will help you stand out. I’m all about service.

Patrick the DC chauffeur’s 5 places to take a client other than dinner!

(. . . although the restaurants in DC are fabulous and you should  check out  this blog post I wrote about them.)

Go to the gym in DC - Cheap Chauffeur Service

1. Go to the gym.

Networking is so 2013. 2014 is all about sweat working!

I didn’t make it up; it’s a real thing.

More than one of my Cheap Chauffeur Service & DC Limo Service clients have asked me about good gyms for business meetings and networking.

When your client says “I’ve been out for dinner and drinks so many times I need another hole in my belt!” what’s more on-point than saying “Me too!” and going to a spinning class together?

Just don’t wear your baggy old t-shirt and mesh shorts to this workout. Please. This is the time to break out the Lululemon that makes you look serious about yoga.
More than one of my DC sedan & DC Limo Service clients have asked me about good gyms

2. Go to the golf course.

Golfing is classic for a reason. Many a business deal has been closed on the course.

We’ve got some great ones in the DC area. Hampshire Greens comes to mind and Lake Presidential. Both are within a half-hour of downtown DC, and both are beautiful. If you want to go a little farther from downtown, ask your chauffeur about some good greens in the area. (He drives for a DC sedan service with Cheap Chauffeur Service so he ought to know DC, right?)

I wonder if I should start driving for a golf cart service instead of a sedan service . . . ?

golf course - Cheap Chauffeur Service

3. Go shooting.

(Don’t look at me that way; some people like guns!)

This is America, so if you and your client both fall into the gun-loving demographic, having your sedan chauffeur take you to the shooting range can be a great way to bond.

You already have a pretty powerful connection point in the fact that you both like to shoot. Try NRA HQ or Sharp Shooters Small Arms Range.

I bet no one else has ever taken your client shooting on a business meeting before.

4. Go cruising.

Rent a private yacht or schedule a dinner on one of the DC area’s river cruises. My favorite recommendation is the Potomac Belle, but she can get a little pricey so just keep that in mind. There are plenty of daytime and evening cruises in the area, and some have drinks and dinner service included—just don’t pick one of those guided tours where a game show host wanna-be talks about the monuments into a microphone.

Bonus: Your clients get to see the sights without feeling like tourists.

If you’d rather get a little down and dirty with your water sports (Oh, I’m on a roll!), try kayaking on the C&O Canal.

5. Catch a game or see a live show.

There’s nothing like taking part in the American pastime in the American capital. It’s the American way. America.

If you’re feeling more theatrical, you’ve come to the right place. DC is a city of drama queens! We’re putting on live shows—all kinds of live shows all the time! Theater, music, dancing—you name it, we’re performing it.

What did I tell you, friends? Do DC Cheap limo Service near me or Cheap Chauffeur Service know how to service the capital or what?