I love the food in my town. LOVE.

When my DC black car service clients ask me about food, I ask them what they’re in the mood for. Then I ask about their price range (for business dinners, it’s usually cha-double-ching).

Then I make a recommendation. Here are a few restaurants I find myself talking about over and over.

Seafood — The Oceanaire Seafood Room


The Oceanaire flies in seafood from around the world daily, and their menu changes seasonally. It’s a nice atmosphere—sleek and sophisticated, but not so romantic your client will think you’re hitting on him.

They also have a reputation for great service. Once, I was chauffeuring one of our DC limo clients who was hard of hearing, and his server at Oceanaire had the music turned down so he had an easier time hearing his associates. Service first!

They have a great oyster bar. If I didn’t have you at “oyster,” The Oceanaire also has halibut earlier than anywhere else in the DC area that I’ve found.

Steak — The Capital Grille


 Any DC black car service driver worth his salt can rattle off a list of excellent steak restaurants, so you know that I know where to get the best meat in town! 

Seriously though, The Capital Grille is excellent. It’s a great choice if you’re coming from out of town and don’t know the DC area. Steak is always popular for business dinners, and The Capital Grille is reliably fantastic. Like The Oceanaire, they have locations across the country, but aren’t a common tchotchke-walled franchise.

Italian — Fiola


Go to Fiola. Just do it. They were featured in Forbes and Bon Appétit. Their menu changes daily because Chef Fabio (Fabio!) Trabocchi likes to keep things fresh, but if possible order the tuna carpaccio.

If you miss their Truffle Festival, shame on you. But you can always ask your waiter to shave extra truffle onto your meal to add some richness. The atmosphere is rustic and sophisticated at once (not Western rustic; Italian countryside rustic).

The entrance isn’t actually on Pennsylvania Ave. (although that’s the address). It’s on Indiana Ave. A great DC black car driver will have no problem getting you to the right place.

Asian — Zentan


Asian fusion and sushi. How could I not order the Shagalicious and Octopussy rolls? Zentan is in the Donovan House Hotel, and I have a few DC Town Car Service clients who stay at the hotel every time they come into town, just because Zentan is downstairs.

On one occasion, I drove a vegan client to his hotel after his dinner at Zentan, and he said the chef was happy to adjust the menu and make something special.

I can’t leave out the Blue Duck Tavern

The Blue Duck is one of the DC area’s most popular restaurants. I swear, when you drive for a DC black car service, your clients will always ask about it. The first time I went, I was half-determined not to like it just to spite everyone who told me I would like it. But the Blue Duck seduced me. The table got a little crowded, since they serve your main course in a pan to the side of your plate, but it’s great for sharing.

Get the bone marrow appetizer. The first time I ordered it was because of the word “bone,” but the next time was because it’s so dang good.

I’m running out of space here friends, but here are a few honorable mentions:

Rasika — Great Indian food.


Charlie Palmer Steak — In case you’re not down for The Capital Grille.

1789 Restaurant — Great everything!

So there you go: juicy meat, bone marrow, oysters, and Octopussy rolls. How’s that for a good evening?