A summer wedding is a definite must for sweet treats, ice-cold brews, cold salads, and chilled wines. We have menu ideas that are as fun as a NYC Party Bus.

If you plan on having a fire that night, consider S’mores!

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For a great addition to the Party Bus Rental NYC loves for an after party, say yes to adult popsicles! Just like the average popsicle, but with a twist. Easy to make, just add a little bit of your favorite liquor.


Offer homemade ice cream! There is nothing better than fresh ice cream on a hot summer day! For a fun activity, you can have your guests make their own! You can even DIY your own waffle cones! Another great alternative to the average ice cream cone, is mini-cones–you can save money, and guests won’t have so much ice cream they don’t know what to do with! They can always come back for seconds.


Let your guests cool off with sorbet! Mix in whole fruit for a mouth-watering look that no one will be able to resist.


Take Executive Car Service NYC loves to your local bakery. Let them know you’re wedding will be a warm one and you want food that will keep your guest cool and content. Consider an ice cream cake!

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Go for a snowball. A childhood favorite, they’re simple, sweet, and make sure an inexpensive summer treat.


If you want something like a snowball but better, select Italian ice instead!


Grab Car Service NYC recommends, and pick up some more ice cube trays, because you’re going to need them! Infuse your own ice with mint, raspberries, lemon, and the like.


They help make refreshing drinks that everyone will love. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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