Survive Bridezilla… Survive the Wedding and Love Your Marriage
Daddys little angel takes a hand of another man…..But where will you take her? To all the grooms in the room this blogs is for you!

Between your daily routines, work, the long commute through the DC area and trying to plan your own wedding: life can get rather stressful. Now you have started chewing your nails again, your wife to be is beginning to turn into bridezilla and your phone is ringing off the hook.

➔ First off, take a deep BREATH; now lets talk. This should be fun! Fun and exciting for you and your beloved fiancee. You want your marriage to see it’s way to the end, so don’t stop here, don’t give up, just get yourself together and stay calm.

➔ I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s true: communication is key. Don’t be scared to get marriage simply because you can not tell her your feelings. Speak up! After all this is not, (or at least shouldn’t be) one sided. Most women will really appreciate your input.

➔ So, your future wife has came up to you six times today with swatches of colors. Colors for table clothes, flowers, her dress, anything and everything else. You may think this is insignificant, but it’s important to her. So at least try to give her the time a day, even if you’re busy. If you’re like most men, and really have no idea, just tell her, “ I like that you like it,” “I think that color would look great on you,” or better yet, “You would make that color look good.” Anything other than, “I don’t care.”
Another idea is to consider hiring a wedding planner, so your wife will have someone with more aesthetic values in mind to speak with about colors, and all planning aspects of the wedding.

➔ This is really important…If you have any loose ends, please tie them up before the wedding. The last thing you need is an ex-girlfriend coming in screaming during the middle of ceremony.

➔ The ride to and from the wedding. She wants a limo, you want a hummer, so you decide on a hummer limo. Either way you both want something that will make you look good and a vehicle you can depend on. Make sure you call a limousine company ahead of time to reserve your vehicle. Don’t always go with the cheapest possible, or later you may realize why it was so cheap and completely regret it. Check out reliable DC limo services, that have been tried and true like this one: Nationwide Chauffeured Services
➔ Your bride to be may or may not be the type to have fairy tale weddings envisioned in her mind, and you try HARD, real hard, to give her what she wants. But don’t kill yourself. She needs you unstressed, bright eyed and ready to face the day with a smile. Comprise, but also honestly talk to her if something is ‘un-doable.’ Remind her that in the end, the little things won’t matter, what matters is the both of you, getting married in the name of love.

➔ Is it too much? Call on a friend. Contact your fiance’s mother to ask if she can help her sort some things out. Call on your best-man to be there for you and help you relax, as you will be able to vent to him.


No matter how you deal with the stress of a wedding. Be good to her and be good to yourself. Remember to just relax, have fun and enjoy.