My DC limousine rental service has a whole fleet of vehicles. They are all pretty. And you will look pretty in all of them. So which one should you reserve?

A party bus is perfect for a bachelorette party—assuming it’s just you and your friends and you’re going to paint DC red. But if it’s the kind of party that involves sipping coffee with Grandma Berta at a delicious champagne brunch, you might not want a party bus with dancing poles.

First, ask yourself some important questions:

  • What’s the occasion? What mood are you going for? Is it party time, a more serious special event, a tour of wonderment, a professional atmosphere?
  • Make sure there’s space for a few more people than you’ll actually have. That way you won’t be crammed in like sardines. If you try to cram 20 people in a 14-passenger car, you’ll be sitting on each other and stepping on one another’s shoes. Please—respect the shoes. If it’s a business outing, having a cramped car makes you look cheap. Don’t look cheap.
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you flying into DC or going to the airport? Do you need luggage space?

Now for some more targeted suggestions. This is where I come right out and tell you what to do.

Business Dinners and Meetings

If it’s just you and your client, you can reserve a sedan service. If there are more than two of you, opt for a limousine. Otherwise one of you is going to be stuck up front with me. (What am I saying, go for the sedan! I can sing ABBA’s hits in chronological order.)

If there are only two of you (and you’d prefer not to hear my rendition of “Fernando”) get a limousine.


If your Big Day is in DC, a limousine services near me is a must. It’ll hold your entire wedding party and you can watch Mamma Mia on the TVs. I especially like it when the bridal party reserves a white limousine, and the groom’s party has a black one. Tell us if you want champagne on the way!

Party Time

A party bus is a rave on wheels, with dancing poles and room to move. It’s what Austin Powers would ride around DC in. I even know how to make sharp turns and stop the bus without sending dancing queens into one another’s laps . . . unless that’s what you’re after, of course.

Party Bus In Maryland

Party Bus Rental In Maryland

Prom Night

For prom night in DC, a limousine or a Hummer limousine is good—but a party bus is better. We can stock the bus with specially requested drinks and candy.

Phoenix Airport Car Service

I can’t help it. I have to make a side not about prom: We’ll provide a Safe Prom Limo Service if you ask for it. It means parents have my phone number, and I don’t allow any extra riders on the bus. I keep my eyes open for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, risky business—that kind of thing. I’m the adult in charge.

But I do have to keep my focus on driving safely. I’m a chauffeur, not a babysitter.

That said, I always think it’s cool when parents take a chance on a party bus service for prom night.*

Anniversary or Date Night

Limousine. Don’t argue with me on this one. It’s long, sleek, elegant, and sexy. (Even the word “limousine” is sleek and sexy.) Just like you. And it’s more private than a sedan, so you can lay all your love on your partner.

Airport Transportation

Airport Car Services

If you’ve got two or three travelers, opt for a sedan. A few more than three, go for a limousine or an SUV. If you’ve got more than five people flying, check out something like our Mercedes Sprinter, or an executive minivan.

Tours and Group Outings

Let me make this simple.

  • Groups of 30 or more can take the big coach bus or a party bus. These are popular for sight-seers.
  • 30 or fewer people can take a mini-bus or a party bus. Again, great for sight-seeing and other field trips.
  • Corporate outings are usually perfect for a big coach or mini-bus, depending on how many people there are.
  • Groups of about 10 will have a great time in a party bus or limousine. These are great for wine tours.

In DC, a limousine is not appropriate if . . .

This is stupid. Assuming you’ve got the right number of people riding around in DC limousine rental is virtually always appropriate.

I tried so hard to fit a “Does Your Mother Know” reference in here. Sorry, friends.

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