Proximity really isn’t the most important factor when you consider what matters most for charter bus services.

May  9, 2018 (U.S.) – It’s easy to want to search for a ‘charter bus near me’ but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to go about this process.

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In fact, whenever somebody begins looking for various services based on proximity to their location (where they live). It can cause problems.

The Internet makes it easy to find any different types of businesses.

For example, you might need a mini bus rental near me, as a search term. But what does that actually mean? For you, the average individual who is searching for these services. That could mean finding charter buses for rent that are located right down the street from you. You assume that these types of services that are in your same town or even one or two streets over is going to be much more reliable.

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In reality, reliability comes down to other factors.

Whether it comes to motor coach rentals, limousines, or other similar transportation services, reliability is a factor of experience, having late-model vehicles in the fleet, and having highly experienced and well-trained individuals behind the wheel.

Nationwide Chauffeured Services is one of the leaders in transportation throughout the region and across the country, for good reason. They not only have some of the best charter buses for rent as well as limousines. We have also been doing this for decades.

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They are a family owned and operated company that takes a great deal of pride in not just being the safest transportation company out there. But also the most dependable.

We have an incredible fleet of vehicles that can handle groups of just about any size, from a couple of people to several thousand at a time.

Our website, where people can gain more information and see some of the vehicles they actually have in their fleet, is Their 24/7 phone number is 800.942.6281.