Hop on the highway or in a Wedding Limo Service for a nice drive out of DC, to do something a little different for your wedding.

The air is beginning to cool, as fall gracefully blows in. The leaves are starting to change, decorating the streets in an array of nature’s colors. Early morning dew collects in the grass and there’s always just a slight chill within the wind, as the sun goes down…And there is not a better time for a campfire wedding.

Hop on the highway

If you love camping, cookouts and campfires, then incorporate that into your wedding, make it your own! This is something you don’t see everyday and would definitely be a wedding I think everyone would be excited to go to. No bored nieces and nephews, since they would have endless room to run and play!

Campfires can be a unique and intimate idea for a wedding setting.

unique and intimate idea for a wedding

You can have a campfire at numerous settings and environments, find one you like. Don’t just start a fire anywhere though, because Smokey the bear will be there to break up the party. At certain approved locations you can have campfires on the beach, in the woods and at some venues. If you’re in the woods, remember the saying, “leave it like you found it—untouched.”

Look for a fire-pit big enough so several guests can surround it and sit together, melting marshmallows for s’mores.

abundance of food

Campfires are not complete without an abundance of food

Bring all the goodies you’d find at a normal picnic or cook out. Hot dogs, potato salad, garden salad, pickled cucumber salad and bring vegetable skewers for grilling. Go with vegis like squash, that are overflowing in friends gardens this time of year or vegis that are in season at the farmers markets to save some cash.
Don’t forget about crockpots, it can be crockpot galore out there! Bring them to keep hot foods warm, like: chili, pork bbq, casseroles and more.

Setting the stage

Hiring a musician to play

If you’re musically challenged, tell a friend who isn’t to bring their acoustic guitar. It’s a great way to create a relaxing environment, or consider hiring a musician to play. A rock-cover band, mariachis or a classical violinist—if that’s what you’re into.

Anything can happen

• Scary ghost stories that grandma still tells
• Camping out overnight would prove to be quite an adventure
• Star gazing as newlyweds after everyone goes home
• Seeing wildlife in the woods, like deer, foxes, and rabbits.
• The unexpected! (But fun–of course)


Share your experiences with us in the comments! We want to hear them! Good luck and kumbaya!