Everyone gets a little stressed when it comes to planning and preparing for their wedding.

The key is not to let it take hold of you or ruin your day. Stress and anxiety have a way of robbing us from the present moment, like riding with comfortable LGA Car Service, but if we tune into the way we feel, stop, and do something proactive about it—we’ll find that the struggles of the day become easier, and our fear won’t be able to take us away from the moment.

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We’ve combed through a bunch of helpful apps out there that are designed to help you relax, combat anxiety, reduce stress, and feel better faster. We’ve come back to share what really works!

Give them a try, and give yourself the opportunity to feel calm, relaxed, and happy, like you’re riding in the best Executive Car Service Los Angeles loves.

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Try Calm. This is an amazing app that can help you reduce daily stress. Calm even has a simple, yet customizable breathing exercise that you can click on at any point to help you tune into your breath immediately. If you have some extra time on your hands you can take the 7-day meditation challenge, or even listen to a few Zen stories to calm your mind.

For background sound, there are several nature melodies to listen too, from rain, to piano music; it will have you feeling like you just rode in a fun and relaxing Los Angeles Bus Rental.

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Whether you’re cruising with Los Angeles Party Bus or at work, tune in with Headspace. This app has an exercise called Take 10, which are elegant meditations for beginners, sure to help anyone relax.


Insight Timer is another fantastic place to get some Zen time in, featuring thousands of guided meditations. Like Calm, you can also customize your background sounds for the perfect atmosphere. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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