Are you falling asleep in your Miami Limo Rental? Feeling like you could use a boost of energy? Read on my friends.

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While Miami Bus Rental Service might not care if grab some quick zzz’s, your co-workers, significant other, or friends might!Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation, or your honeymoon, here are some ways to catch energy quick!

Look no further than your fridge or pantry.

Fruit is number one on our quick energy list! It’s natural, provides sugar plus tons of antioxidants that you’re not going to get from a candy bar.

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Fast Energy Solutions: A Happier Ride

Nuts are pure brain energy. Essential fatty acids that are within nuts provide the brain with what they need to run efficiently, also these fatty acids, like omega 3’s are good for body energy production, joint lubrication, heart health and more!

Aside from essential fatty acids nuts like almonds and walnuts contain the mineral magnesium which aids in countless necessary bodily reactions, such as converting blood sugar into energy. B vitamins are another fantastic way to provide your body with energy it needs and it can also be found in nuts!

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If you don’t have nuts on hand, but have a jar of peanut butter—go for it! Peanut butter is a great source of protein, which is one great reason it’s paired with jelly, (aside the fact that it’s a delicious childhood favorite!) Protein helps string along the sugar, sort of like when you lead your crush on in 11th grade, but better. Or that time you wished Milwaukee Limo service ride would never end! Get instant quote for Milwaukee Limousine Service

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