Decorating your friend’s home while one of you keeps him/her busy and throwing a surprise birthday party is traditional, yet old school.

Where is the fun? Your friend will probably begin suspecting after sometime and let’s face it: How many movies and TV series have we seen where this is the kind of birthday surprise? Countless.

Los Angeles Limo Services

So what will be the best surprise birthday your friend has ever had, one that he/she can never predict?

Taking them out for a tour ride in a charter bus rental Los Angeles!

We are NOT talking about going to the same places that you have been to – plan something special. There must be places where you have never been to in your city because you never knew about them or think that they are just cliché. But if you have never been there, why not explore your city with your friends in a Los Angeles Sedan Service and make a stop for lunch or dinner to cut the cake?

Sounds great, right?

Here are the three topmost places that you might have missed while living your busy life:

Santa Monica Pier

Book a Los Angeles Sedan Service and start your tour in the early morning at the Santa Monica beach.

Griffith’s Observatory

The view from the observatory is amazing. You can see the Hollywood sign and the whole of LA spread beneath you. You can also relax here if you are tired from traveling the whole day in your charter bus rental in Los Angeles.


If you have visited some or all of the above, keep searching for more such spots for LA locals! Or you can ask the Los Angeles Party Bus Rentals if they know more places where you can have fun.