Most brides have a love/hate relationship with their in-laws. When it comes to the newest addition to their families, some are lucky. But the true colors of your in-laws are revealed during the wedding planning. There is nothing more potent than the wedding to bring out the best or the worst in the family members.

But whether they are good or bad, they are in your life forever, and this is one of the reasons that make brides go all Bridezilla on the least suspecting participant of the wedding, i.e. the poor bridesmaid or their better halves.

A wedding is what brings both the families together, but it is the first time when issues like, who gets to pay for what and who gets invited, arise. Although brides can enlist the help of their fiancés to navigate the tricky issues, tough issues like religious differences, money, family and taste still make an entrance into almost every conversation you have with your extended family prior to the wedding. As a bride, you have to take the weight of your guests’ and in-laws expectation on your pretty little shoulders, and that can cause stress to skyrocket.

Some brides are blessed (or shall I say, cursed) with the non-caring in-laws who are just interested in showing up to the ceremony itself and have nothing to do with the planning bit.

Either the idea of your marriage bores them (GASP!!), or they don’t want to meddle in the marriage due to cultural or religious differences. Sometimes, they have OD’d on their other children’s weddings, and this time they simply want to respect your wishes and give you a wide berth. The downside is that you should forget about any kind of monetary contribution from them, and just consider yourself lucky that you are going to get your way.

Although you will have to include them in the festivities by assigning them specific tasks and a dominant seating arrangement in the reception, you will be free of any meddlesome and overbearing in-laws.

Which reminds us of the second type of in-laws, which are either unsupportive or want the wedding to be about them. They not only have ideas about wedding guest list, type of Hors d’oeuvres you serve and even the type of flower arrangement for the centerpieces. Most brides have to deal with their own parents, who are silently or sometimes vocally judging each aspect of their wedding planning. Although you appreciate that your mother-in-law cares, you just kind of want to tell her to back off (politely off course).

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Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest and most meaningful day of your life, but insisting suggestions from your in-laws can bug you to a breaking point. When they become overbearing to an extent of a fever pitch, the most diplomatic policy is to call in reinforcement, i.e. your husband-to-be. They are his parents, and although you might feel a little sorry for him for throwing him to the wolves (figuratively), he has lived with them his whole life – just trust in him that he will be able to do damage control. Book now wedding transportation!

While your in-laws are degrading every choice you make, criticizing how you are spending the money and picking fights that have nothing to do with the wedding, but are only threatening to ruin the perfect day of your life, keep your eye on the horizon that after all the trouble you are going through, you will spend your life with the man you love.

Therefore, every time you are having an existential crisis, want to elope because wedding planning is so much fun (NOT!), and want to bawl your eyes out, call your beloved and solve rubles like adults and try to work around problems rather than despising your in-laws for the rest of your lives.

Because once the wedding is over, you will need a support system after all. So instead of burning all bridges, learn to address the problems at hand, and enjoy your wedding planning, because it will only happen once. Know how to plan a wedding when you’re from different cultures. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281 to book wedding limo service.