Do you find yourself resisting average wedding traditions?

Everyone is different and no one can tell you what is right for you—except yourself. So if you are having trouble conforming to seemingly pre-set wedding rules, don’t be scared to bust out of the mold and explore what is perfect for your wedding!

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If you want your wedding to be as fresh and modern as a Cincinnati Bus Rental, read these superb tips.

Brides, who says that your best friend has to be female? And grooms, what if you have a few close lady friends? This can pose quite a challenge with it comes to the custom bridesmaids and groomsmen. You may feel forced into choosing a selected number of people from one gender to be on your team, why not mix it up? Who says that you can’t have grooms-ladies and brides-men? Your wedding will be much more meaningful when you have your true friends by your sides.

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It may be orderly like a Cincinnati Charter Bus to have all of your besties to be wearing the same color attire. But the wearers themselves will undoubtedly feel a little restricted. What is Pat thinks he looks awful in yellow? Or Kayla can’t find a pink dress that fits right? Consider giving your best-people a chance to choose from a color scheme, instead of one single color.

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Opt out of usual entertainment and hire someone as exciting as Cincinnati Limo Service.

Consider a piano player, a harp musician, African drums, or ukulele for something different.

Switch up the wedding theme song to something more fitting.

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