That Could Be a Problem for Some, Especially When They Think Savings Is the Most Important Factor

February 2, 2018 (Washington, DC) – Often, when people think about a limousine rental service, think about the cost. While trying to save as much money as possible is okay, it’s not the most important factor. Safety is.

Nationwide Chauffeured Services has been one of the leading transportation companies in the industry for more than two decades. As a family owned and operated company, they not only provide some of the most affordable rates for limousine service in DC, they’re also one of the safest.

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How do they ensure safety?

While no company can be completely guarantee safety for every single client, Cheap Limo Service DC hires only the safest drivers in the industry. They put them all through a rigorous background screening, safe driver training program, and random drug testing. On top of that, all of their limos and buses go through a multipoint inspection consistently to ensure proper operation along every mile.

What happens when people focus on cost first?

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When a person, for example, is searching for a DC Town Car service and they are trying to find the cheapest possible company they can find, they usually sacrifice quality and comfort. They may also be sacrificing safety. Many of these cheap, cut-rate companies are relatively small and new.

Our driver may also be the owner. They may try to book as many fares as possible, meaning they will often speed from one place to the next, not to get their client to their destination on time, but to maximize the number of jobs they can get every day.

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That puts each passenger and person on the road at risk. Nationwide Chauffeured Services, even though the name makes it sound as though they are cheap, it’s one of the leading DC airport car service companies out there that focus on safety, on-time service.

Our phone number, to speak to somebody directly, is 800-942-6281. To make reservations through their website, visit