Is Your Wedding going to be Painfully Boring?

Are your Wedding Guests going to Fall Asleep?

Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it. I’m writing this blog for me. But please! By all means, feel free to read it! If you are one of those people who can be brutally honest, then you’ll understand what I mean.

Truth is, after you’ve been to your best friends and your sisters in laws second wedding, a thought may surface in your mind and your young and silly side will think… I hope my wedding doesn’t bore people to death. I know it’s horrible, but it happens. It’s not like I wasn’t happy for my girls when they got married! But I wasn’t exactly blissful sitting next to my screaming niece who looked just as painfully bored as everyone else.

So, don’t take it the wrong way! But I have been inspired to write a blog on how to have an absolutely fun wedding. An outstandingly unforgettable evening, NOT just for the bride and groom, but a wedding that will have everyone jumping to catch the bouquet!
So let’s celebrate DC! Go ahead and party likes 1999, not just because Prince did, but because of the nifty and goofy culture in that era. Admit it, you thought your pager was cool.

Tell me who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? I am a grown woman, and I’ll fess up, I still love a good treasure hunt. Now, there are plenty of ways to do this, but here a few ideas…

● Hidden pictures, under chairs, in the bathroom, anywhere you can stick a picture and well at the end, maybe the one with the most pictures can have a photo album to put them in 😉
● For the adventurous couple, you could always do a treasure hunt for your wedding rings, if you like that sort of thing.
● Then you’ll always have the traditional candy hunt for kids, (which is still fun.)

Here is a different sort of treasure hunt–but for pictures! Yes an old fashioned scavenger hunt! Have a friend with a quirky sense of humor make a list of things that your wedding guests need to find.

Get festive with party hats! Say you have a bunch of round tables that seat eight people each; well, stick eight completely random hats in a box under each table. I am talking chicken and shark hats, miniature hats, sombreros, trilbies, fedora, sun hats, bonnets and anything that will make the most exciting photos and memories. It will be completely ridiculous, but also lots of fun.

Let the DJ know that you don’t want your guests to fall asleep! Tell him to play the classics and before you know it everyone will be doing the twist and the tootsie roll.

Fireworks are always fun and I don’t know if your family is like mine, but sparklers are probably the only thing I would trust everyone in my family to handle.

If you have any more original ideas of how not to have a painfully boring wedding, please tell us!! And share in the comments!