You don’t want your wedding procession song to be like “Here comes the bride, looking wrongly tanned or white..”. and you better not risk being a depiction of the parody of such a lovely song for you deserve to look at your best on one of the biggest days of your life.

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Even though you might not be a pro at makeup, you need to know some of the essential tips to stand out the crowd on your wedding day and be a picture of:

“Here comes the bride, dressed all in light
Radiant and lovely, she shines in his sight”.

  • Cleansing Rituals

Cleanse, deeply exfoliate and if needed, get your skin tanned for the big day. Having a naturally clear and fresh looks help the bride look and feel at her best and the makeup to add to her beauty without the need to camouflage her looks.  

  • Never Forget the Climate and Your Skin Type

You might adore a certain type of look with makeup and might have memorized the tutorials to guide your makeup artist; but that might just not suit your oily skin which turns rather sloppy in the hot summer days. However, with careful use of oil free and absorbent base, you could carry just any look. It is all a matter of consideration for the weather you’d be exposed to and the type of skin you have.

  • The Camera Dims the Radiance

Yes, it is not a cliché but a fact that brides are supposed to put on makeup a little more than they would normally do because camera would eventually soften the blow. This works as a rule for brides and the fact that you need to look photogenic on your wedding day should not be ignored.

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  • Don’t Forget A Prime Ingredient; the Primer

If you wish for your makeup to be long lasting, add a step after cleansing and moisturizing your skin; apply primer before you apply foundation, for this helps the makeup go smooth and stay longer than regular. Also, use a primer for eye shadow as well for the same reason.

  • Cream Based Blushes

For a naturally healthy and rosy look, go for cream base blushes instead of the powder based ones for a long lasting fresh look. You can add powder blush on top of it if needed.

  • Do Not Miss the Eyebrow Pencil

Even if you have a thick mane for eyebrows, highlighting them with a brow pencil would accentuate the look; it accentuates the natural shape (and makeup) of your eyes. And of course, keep the eye lash curler in your handbag.

Apply waterproof makeup which is always a safe option for bridal sentiments!

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