Weddings are all about unity, structure, and a firm foundation, a great way to represent this is by having your wedding take place at a log cabin.

Loving A Log Cabin Wedding With 4 Helpful Ideas

A log cabin wedding gives you a cozy atmosphere with a feeling of strength and companionship.

Imagine guests riding into the forest in a party bus Bay Area loves, with the vision of a warm glowing cabin in the distance. Guests love a good surprise and a log cabin is no exception. With the warmth of a fire and the smell of natural wood many will be having their first cabin experience and finding it to be quite the venue.

5 Delightful Reasons to Love a Log Cabin Wedding

Save money by locating a log cabin on the grounds of a national park or a vacation area, as the prices in the off season are quite affordable and almost as cheap as a limousine service Bay Area rental. Knowing where you want to host and how to achieve the venue will be half the battle.

With little setup time and big opportunity the log cabin wedding affords room for guests to party as well as stay the night.

Party Bus Memphis

Kitchens, dining rooms and more, the Memphis party bus will not be the only thing that guests look forward too on this special occasion.


 Guests will love waking up to a fantastic breakfast in the comfort of a cabin. Rested and awaiting the arrival of their Memphis limousine service, guests will probably want to stay longer and have more fun.