Have you and yours been considering different wedding theme options?

Luckily there is not shortage in theme ideas! When choosing a theme for your wedding, it’s important for both sides of the partnership to decide on something that suits them. Some weddings have even split themes where the bride and groom’s choices are blended together to reflect a fun aspect of their personality.

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Options, option, options! As many as Atlanta Airport Car Service!


We’re you one of the couples that dressed up to go see Harry Potter in theaters? Consider a magical theme and invite your guests to take a ride with Atlanta Car Service: AKA the Hogwarts Express!

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Does your heritage stem from Mexico? Have a Mexican fiesta wedding. Imagine the food options! From taco salad bars, to crunchy tortilla chips, salsa, taquitos, and more! You can also incorporate the color palette and style into the decor. Think cactus, and mellow orange colors.


Grab some ATL Airport Transportation and soar to the wedding! If you and your partner feel like a couple of super heroes from time to time, your wedding day might just be the best time to exploit that! You can even provide costumes for guests to wear.

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Did you love The Labyrinth as a child? Consider having a masquerade ball style wedding theme. Tell guests to bring face masks with them for the reception and dance.


Choose to have a theme based off your favorite TV show.


Check out venues that will help support your theme, grab ATL Airport Car Service and explore your options in Atlanta.

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