This has been getting more attention as time continues and especially since the economy has been on the fritz. It’s hard to find a decent place to live with the salary we earn each year, as everything continues to go up in price. But don’t be discouraged, because we as humans are most adaptable, creative and unique.

Don’t put off the wedding simply because you can’t move in together after you say your “I do’s.” People have been finding inexpensive and nifty-thrifty ways to create, not a house…But a home—sometimes even on wheels.

. . .So tell the limo driver from Nationwide Chauffeured Services to take you to your home-sweet-home, where new beginnings are sure to unfold!

A few years ago people began to get noticed for their extravagant tiny homes; folks from all over were surfacing all upon the web with their accomplishments. Similar to small travel trailers, they often have a little nook-loft to sleep in, compost or RV toilet and shower.

But the trick to living small is thinking small. Minimize the unimportant things. Less really is more! Obviously there’s not an abundance of square footage, so you must be creative when thinking of what you really need. For example stainless steel cooking pots can also be used for mixing bowls. Your dinner table can be converting into having storage space underneath it. You can incorporate folding countertops—creating more space when needed. Personalize it to your newlywed needs!

If you think you love birds are up to it, build yourselves your own starter home.

I don’t expect you to get rid of your wedding dress, but you may have to get rid of few pairs of heels you only wear on special occasions; oh, and the perfume bottles you only keep because they look pretty. 😉 But living a more minimalist lifestyle will help you get back to what is really important. It helps you bond better as newlyweds and stay in touch with each other, yourselves and nature. Bring it back to the basics, where you can watch the sunset together, instead of television or where you can have a couple drinks and talk about your future goals and dreams together.