What makes a wedding great for both the couple and their guests besides the Columbus Bus Rental?

There is most certainly a balancing act when it comes to having a wedding that is not only beautiful, but fun, entertaining, and simply enjoyable.

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Read on for great tips that will make your wedding a great one to attend and participate in!


Don’t get caught up on either side of the fence. Focusing too much on the couple, or too much on the guests needs will create a lopsided feel to the wedding. Make sure your guests are comfortable, but don’t forget to take time to make sure things are prepared for you as well. Try to make it easy on yourself, create to-do lists to help guide you—but don’t obsess over things you couldn’t get too. Remember it’s okay to ask for help.

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Providing transportation for your guests will go a long way; they will be very pleased and you can have peace of mind knowing that they will get back to the hotel safely. Consider a shuttle or Columbus Motor Coach Service.


Simplify the after party. Grabbing a Party Bus Columbus will love can do just that.


Put effort into your vows. This will mean a lot to your future spouse and your listening guests, and will have your mother crying in no time!

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Hire an officiant that you can appreciate. Find someone who makes you feel at ease and happy. If you choose your local pastor or religious leader, a good friend, or the like—you’ll probably feel a lot more comfortable on stage.


Go with reliable vendors! Grab a Charter Bus Columbus recommends so your guests will be guaranteed to arrive on time. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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