Be it an orchid or a rose, the beauty of flowers adds a great look to the wedding venue, but since the wedding day itself is an important day for the bride and her family, considering floral arrangements along with everything else going on can turn into a painstaking job.

Flowers play a vital role in adding lively atmosphere plus a pleasant fragrance to your wedding venue, but the costs can shoot up crazily if you’re not careful.

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Here are a few important points that one should consider when planning the budget for floral arrangements.

Use Flowers in their Natural Way

Opt for flowers that can be presented in a bouquet and do not require any extra manual work on them. Most flowers that you see in expensive magazines and TV shows are altered by florists to look even more attractive. Although the flowers do not cost much, but these extra embellishments will push up the cost of floral decorations in your wedding ceremony by quite a bit.

Avoid Placing Large Flower Vases on Each Table

Do not put tall flower vases on the center of the table. This would block the view and guests to peek uncomfortably or look around in order to either look at the stage or talk to people sitting opposite them on the table. Rather, you can do a unique arrangement by putting one bud/flower on each folded napkin or adding petals in a shallow transparent glass bowl placed at the center of each table, which can help save money and allow you to remain within your budget.

Use Seasonal Flowers

Use seasonal flowers that can remain fresh throughout the wedding day so that even when the decoration of wedding venue is completed, the flowers remain fresh and healthy till the end of the ceremony. Decorating the wedding venue with unseasonal flowers is a lot more expensive and these flowers tend to wither away more quickly than the seasonal flowers.

Stick With Less Variety of Flowers

Using a variety of flowers on the venue may look beautiful, but it may put extreme pressure on your budget. Using a maximum of three varieties would be a wise decision to keep your costs low. It would look simple yet elegant and would add beauty and sophistication to the environment overall.


Excessive use of flowers may make the entire décor seem cluttered and hence suppress the overall ambiance of the wedding venue because one doesn’t want to give it a look of a garden. After you are done with the floral arrangements, you should also think about bringing all your guests to the wedding venue. NYC Limousine Rental Service provides a luxurious and comfortable way to bring your guests to wedding venue.

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