You can book a flight at Dulles; hop out of a limo and onto a plane to Tokyo, or you can have a Japanese themed wedding right here in Washington, DC instead. Either way, it sounds like a plan! So let’s get Zen up in here!

If not in Japan, then where should I have my Japanese themed wedding?

Well, think of what it is that you like about Japanese culture. What is it that puts your busy mind at ease?

Perhaps you are looking for Zen gardens with rocks perfectly stacked on top of one another? Maybe a giant botanically beautiful flower garden with a small pond–inside of it koi splashing about. Are you dreaming of a bamboo garden, jutting meters tall from the earth, surrounding everyone in a peaceful bliss?

You can find all of that within a not-so-drastic ride from Washington DC. There are waterfalls, arboretums, bamboo gardens and a lot of wonderful places along the east coast that you can rent for your wedding venue or just visit after the wedding to furthermore tie in with nature.

What is my Japanese themed wedding missing aesthetically?


Well if you don’t have kimonos on the list, certainly add that! For stunning artistic visuals, use colors that you may find at a historical place in Japan, such as the Kintaikyo bridge, (built in 1673.)
Black and red ties together nicely, or if you want something a little gentler: whites, browns and greens symbolize and mimic the color of a thick forest or serene garden.

How do I make my guests believe it?

Offer things that you would find in Japan. Foods like ramen, squid and fish. Consider looking for a food cart in the DC area that you can rent for the wedding night. One that offers beef and or rabbit on a stick of course!

Create a sushi bar, hire someone who knows how to make sushi with love, or have a friend watch youtube videos until they are dreaming about it!

Make a station for green tea and other hot teas that can be self-served during the wedding. Or for a fun and pampered guest effect; hire someone to bring them hot teas and ginger candies.
Offer hot and or cold towels, depending on what season you have your wedding during, this can be really nice. Your guests will appreciate it more than you know.

How do I make it fun?

Fireworks of course! What do they always have a Japanese history festivals? Tons of fireworks, blasting beautifully through the night sky. What a great way to end the night. A time for everyone to sit next to their significant other, hand-in-hand, reflect and relax.

Japanese Wedding Theme Idea Musts:

● Cherry Blossom Trees

● Bamboo

● Cherry Blossom Petals

● Hand-held Fans

● Use your imagination!