Do you have a bunch of house plants?

Lucky for you, decorating your wedding venue with house plants can be as easy as reserving HOU Car Service. We’re here to share great ways that many couples have saved on their wedding décor by using what they had at home, especially if you have an abundance of plants!

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Are you trying to find ways to get creative with table toppers? Why not consider bringing along your houseplants to the venue and making a beautiful one of a kind centerpiece for each table?

If you are trying to go with a particular color scheme, try spray painting your pots. You can also add a little sparkle by adorning the plants with colored stones and rocks.

If you have a winding plant like Philodendron, it’s easy to incorporate this plant into hanging decor.

You may have even seen this at a restaurant before you grabbed Black Car Service for the way home. You can train Philodendron to climb along strings and ropes across ledges, columns, or to each corner of the room like streamers.

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Plants have the ability to make any space more comfortable, adding moisture to the air and a relaxing quality to the environment. Consider adding plants in any space that seems like it’s missing something.

Want to block off an area? Place a huge plant there, like a Kentia palm, it will look much better than tape or a sign.

Succulents are hardy and can go just about anyway. Propagate them into tea cups, hang them in glass votives, and lanterns.

It’s easy to use all of that rustic furniture when you have plants. Decorate each step of an old ladder, set several little pots in an old apple crate, or set pots in hand woven baskets.


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