You know your better-half better than ever right? Born and raised in DC, went to a technical school in MD, takes a DC limo to work every day, and loves cappuccinos.


Well, why not have a little fun and put your relationship to the test? Sounds scary, right guys? It doesn’t have to be, relax and learn to have a little fun with the girls.

So what about creating and hosting a relationship quiz game, like a newly-weds game? (Does anyone remember the Gong Show?) It doesn’t only have to be for the just-married couple. Take volunteers! Have each couple that want to participate write their name on a piece of paper and have your grandma draw them out of a hat, one-by-one.

just to hear them answer the questions in general, might give everyone a laugh. Throw something a little different in the mix, for a little fun and entertainment. (Make sure you bring the video camera, because it is going to be good!)

Decide when the best time to have the game show would be, during the reception, after-party or whatever works. You could even ask the DJ if he could play along or set his lights up behind the show stage!

Here are some ideas for questions that could be asked. Tweak them in any way you’d like.

When you met ________ do you remember what they were wearing?

What quality stuck out the most about ________ when you first met them?

Was your first impression of ________ correct? If not, what changed?

What is ________ favorite food?

What would be the ultimate date night for your significant other?

What color would your significant other never want to see you wearing?

Drastic times come with drastic measures, would you be willing to stay with _______ if you had to live off of canned fish and crackers for a month? What about no electricity?

What is the hardest obstacle you faced in your relationship?

Would your significant other rather….Read a book, take a walk, take a nap, watch a movie or play video games?

share or just like to keep something special

Remember it’s supposed to be fun, all the answers don’t have to be serious. So girls, don’t put too much pressure on your man to get the exact answer you want. Sometimes people like to keep things more private than others. They are embarrassed to share or just like to keep something special—just between you and them.