If you’re cruising in a Rockford Coach Bus and want to know how the world of advanced transportation features are changing—read on.

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Your vehicle communicates with you and other parts within itself working as a whole. A Rockford Party Bus GPS directs drivers where to go as a secondary backup, your ABS and car computer communicate to each other to pump the brakes so your brakes won’t lock up and cause you to slide, your doors lock automatically, your lights cut off just a little bit after you have left the vehicle and so on.

Your car is actually pretty good at communication, but it may get even better, to the point where it can negotiate with other vehicles on the road.

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This will take us beyond the self-parking car, or the ones that let you know when you’re about to back up into another one, this advancement will communicate with other cars while on the road.

While it may take time for larger vehicles such as a Rockford Charter Bus Rental to be knighted with this lightning technology, it will first be implemented in sedans. It’s called V2V or vehicle to vehicle.


U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced, “Once deployed, V2V will provide 360-degree situational awareness on the road and will help us enhance vehicle safety.”

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The directors of the V2V project are hoping that the incorporation of this communication between vehicles via radio waves and WiFi will overcome accidents caused by even minor things such as blind spots.

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