Did you hear it using Car service to Dulles Airport, at home on the radio, or on Spotify?

Is it as good as last year’s birthday cake, or what Black Car Service IAD loves? Songs have a way of finding their way into your mind and clutching on for dear life and before you know it—you have just experienced the beginning of your attachment to your Favorite Song Lyrics, it was simply meant to be.

Just like IAD Car Service, music touches the soul.

So it’s no wonder couples use their romantic Favorite Song Lyrics to compass warmth and promote love at their wedding. But there is much more you can do with the lyrics to this song than simply listen to them!

Decorate the aisle with a banner of lyrics that will ring in the hearts of all who read it. You can find a lot of examples online where couples have used aisle floor banners, often you’ll find they are covered with photos and lyrics.

Favorite Song Lyrics

Get your friends and family involved! It’s easy for your wedding DJ to play something everyone likes if they have their requests ahead of time. Consider sending out a Favorite Song Lyrics request line on your invitations. Couples have sent out invitations that say, “I’ll dance if you play…” Give your guests a chance to have fun and provide a shuttle or DCA Car Service for their ride back to the hotel after the wedding.

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