The guys might be thinking, “Okay, I’m super excited to get married, but the more decorations that the venue gets, the more it’s starting to look like there will only be ladies attending.”

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Wedding venues are often dressed head to toe with flowers, beautiful lace, silk chair covers, pinks, yellows, and the list goes on. While this does offer an attractive element, men might be left thinking, “This doesn’t look very manly.”


It can be a lot of fun to add masculine elements to wedding décor. It can give you a chance to be creative, give the groomsmen a little familiarity, and provide the opportunity for men to feel a little manly like riding in a Party Bus Rental San Antonio recommends!


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Instead of the average food options, consider a having a barbeque!


Guys, take a ride using our San Antonio Executive Car Service, you’ll exit feeling suave, and sharp!

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Provide beer at the wedding. From kegs and bottled, to draft straight from the barrel. Finding a local brewery to cater can be a tasty option!


Grab San Antonio Car Service and head down to the party shop. It’s fedora and baseball caps for everyone! Providing the chance for others to dress up a bit, by suppling a box of inexpensive hats can make for some very fun photos.

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Feature fun sports activities during the reception and after party. All you need is a few footballs, soccer balls, maybe even a little golfing.


While you typically have a cock-tail hour before the reception really takes off—why not consider a scotch and cigar station as well?


Consider renting a San Antonio Party Bus for the after party. It’s the best of both worlds and features a full bar! Call/Text today at 800-942-6281