SEO for Wedding Website:Did you create a wedding website, and are you hoping that it will go viral?

Easy SEO Tips for Your Wedding Website

People love to see others in love. After all, it’s said that more people watched the royal wedding back in 2011 than they did the presidential election.

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LGA Airport Car Service and love, it’s what makes the world go ‘round.”

So if you really want your wedding website to become a hit, here’s what to do:


Label Every Single Photo.


The purpose of this is to increase your website’s relevancy. When people are looking for new wedding blogs, what might they really be looking for? Maybe they’re just following other’s stories like a soap opera, or are they looking for decoration and theme ideas? Labeling your photos will give people more of a chance to find you. It’s like our LGA Car Service at baggage claim with a meet and greet sign.

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Use Attractive Vocabulary.

 What Sounds Better?


“Good Los Angeles Limo Rental service.”

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“Fantastic LGA Airport Limo service.”


Fantastic Is Always Better Than Good, Right?
Use Word That Are Compelling And That Capture Viewers’ Attention.
Do Not Stuff Keywords, But Do Use Them Where Appropriate.

Do Not Stuff Keywords for Website

In the text body portions of your page where you include details of how amazing your wedding was, it won’t do you any good to write “wedding themes” or “chic wedding ideas” 80 times. In fact, it will only make the search engines angry at you, resulting in your wedding website getting buried on search result page 30.

Share your website. Do you have social media accounts? Try to get organic leads from friends and family by posting your wedding website, and see where it goes from there. Like a limo Rental Los Angeles can rely on—it might be really successful.


Most of all, choose a static URL that is clear and concise.
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