A honeymoon is certainly the next best thing to the wedding.

The happy couple has just pledged their love and now they have a chance to enjoy it before they return to their daily routines.

It’s a perfect time to explore the world that lies within each other, learning more about yourself and your partner—as well as enjoying the moment together.

5 Superb Ways to Save Money on Honeymoon Accommodations

Unfortunately, honeymoons can be expensive; but there are some ways you can save a good bit of money when it comes to this fun experience. A little bit of planning can make all the difference.


Whether you plan to travel in the United States, visit an unchartered island, experience the culture in Japan, or walk the streets of Germany—you can save big when it comes to accommodation. One of the most popular sites for low priced lodging is Airbnb. There are also other sites that are similar. You can find entire houses to rent out for the weekend, or stay in a private room with a family.


Have a staycation. Find fun events in your hometown, take Limo Wine Tours and go for a little DC Wine Tasting.

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Limousine Wine Tours are great, but you can also find other attractions around town just by searching on Yelp or asking the chauffeur.

Don’t take your honeymoon right away. Wait until the off season. This way you can get plane tickets and accommodations at discount prices.

Cheap Limo Service

Whenever you reserve your lodging—tell them it’s for your honeymoon. This alone can sometimes get you discounts when you talk to the right person.


They may even throw in a bottle of champagne or a Cheap Limo Rental on the house. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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