Often one problem that couples will find while trying to organize and plan their wedding is the limited parking space that comes along with their previously selected venue.

This can lead to multiple issues of guests scavenging for parking, walking block from the nearest parking garage, or having catch Car Service NYC recommended at the very last minute.

Practical Tips for Organizing Shared Rides to Your Wedding Venue

If you would like to provide a stress-free experience for your guests from start to finish, you might want to have a look at your shared-riding options. Better yet, if you have a wedding website, or a “wed-site,” you can create an entire page devoted to the safe and timely travels for your guests.

One reliable option is grabbing private transportation. You may not want to grab a NYC Party Bus for pre-wedding transit, but securing a shuttle may be very helpful.

Party Bus Rental NYC

Just as local bus stations and metros have their timeline, and organizing an estimated time line and providing it for your guests on the wed-site. The shuttle may even change its location, for example it can pick guests up from the airport in the morning hours, then a local shared ride parking lot for the afternoon.

For guests who would rather grab Executive Car Service NYC loves, it’s still not a bad idea to let others know local Amtrak or metro hours and routes to reach your venue. Adding local bus stations may also be a plus.

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Another idea is to create a page on your social media site, or on your wedding website to let your guests connect with one another to catch rides with each other.


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