Have you seen the all-too funny videos of a family member having a little too much to drink at someone’s wedding?

It can be easy to laugh at until you realize that you have a wedding in the near future and that the next funny wedding video—could take place at your wedding!

While it’s difficult to interfere with the willpower of another person, it can still be easy to thwart your guests from having one too many with simple age-old methods, making them as smooth as our Boston Limousine Service.

Resist the urge to extend the cocktail hour.

Advise your guests of the after-party on an Atlanta Party Bus. Guests will be more likely to pace themselves. Don’t have a BYOB reception, if guests have to pay for their drinks at a bar, it’s possible they will be likely to drink a little less.

Provide plenty of snacks. Try to offer foods that can soak up the alcohol in the stomach. Making it easier to digest and less potential for upset stomachs that can lead to much worse. Foods like crackers, chips and anything bread-based will be more beneficial for drinkers than carrots and broccoli.

Consider providing Limo Service Boston newcomers can rely on to be safe. If you are transporting guests via a Boston Wedding Limo, don’t include the champagne package.

Instead of paying for an open bar—hand out vouchers. For instance, paying for 1 or 2 drinks per guest. And from there it’s up to them to pay for their own drinks.  

Hire a bouncer. That big scary guy in the corner just being there may just keep a few wild drinkers in check!

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